Monday, January 28, 2013

Well,I think I got lost and other NEWS

Well some where along the way I think Me Myself and I got lost from this little blog of mine. It is simple to do that when I haven't even turned on my laptop and sat in front of it in WEEKS! 

I BLAME it on MY PHONE. It has everything I need right in the palm of my hand (although I wish in many ways I could through it out the car window)....but what it doesn't have is a way for me to do everything that I was doing with my blog. It has become convenient for me to look at my phone for quick info, and inconvenient for me to open up my laptop, sit down and do what you do when you sit down and open up your laptop......

So HOW do I fix this?

Well I know my phone isn't going anywhere. It has become evident that they're going to continue to get more evolved by the day. New Updates, New Apps, and MORE Updates, always LOTS of Updates!

With that being said I still enjoy writing,creating fun memories with the kids, and finding awesome things out in the world, I just haven't shared that in quite a while with you all.

I know I have lost my followers because who follows a blogger who hasn't posted any NEW THING since September of 2012!!! I know I wouldn't!

I am going to start posting again on here. YES I SAID THAT A FEW MONTHS AGO! I guess I lied then, and was still not in actuality ready for it yet!

BUT that can all be fixed with change and time. And Time, well I've had a lot of that.

As I begin embarking on a new blog start, I am also developing a new REVIEWS by ME type of blog. Still NOT sure of the Blog Title.

It is going to review everywhere I go. FROM The gas station bathroom, a local fast food joint, and the local library. I mean everything. If I have to go there I'm gonna tell you how GOOD or BAD it was and all the stuff in the middle too.

I have often gone into a place and thought boy I wish I would have known about how AWESOME this place was a long time ago! And sometimes have said I am never EVER going back there again. If that is also you then you will definitely want to be one of my readers/followers!

I think it will be fun and eye opening. Maybe it will even help the BAD get better if the word gets out that folks like me are Reviewing them and sharing it with the world!

So as promised I will keep you posted on here and when I get closer to the launch date I will Let ALL of you Know!

Can't wait to get back into the SWING of Typing on a Full Sized Keyboard Again!

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